Vegaflex 66 datasheets

Vegaflex datasheets

Vegaflex 66 datasheets

When the pulse hits the surface of the product it is reflected back to the gauge. Application area. VEGA VEGAFLEX 66 guided wave radar level sensor provides continuous level measurement for liquids bulk solids vegaflex at high pressures up to 400 bar temperatures up datasheets to 400 ° C. The Vegaflex datasheets 66 datasheets is a Guided Wave Radar ( GWR) Level Transmitter for measurement of liquids bulk solids at high pressures up to 400 bar temperatures datasheets up to 400 ° C. Temperatures up to 150 ° C ( 302 ° F) and pressures from vacuum up to 40 bar ( 580 psig) ensure a wide applicationrange.

The datasheets Vegaflex 66 delivers reliable steam, high precision measured values unaffected by ambient influences vegaflex such as dust, buildup condensation. Typical applications are measurements of solvents and fuels. Even in applications with strong dust generation condensation datasheets , buildup, the sensor delivers precise reliable measured values. Level vegaflex Sensor VEGA VEGAFLEX 66. Upon reaching the product surface, the microwave pulses are reflected. VEGAFLEX datasheets 66 is particularly suitable for the measurement of liquids with high process temperatures. With measuringranges up to 32 m ( 105 ft), vegaflex the sensors are well suited for tall vessels. VEGAFLEX 66 level sensor provides accurate vegaflex buildup , steam, dependable measurements that are unaffected by dust condensation.

Vegaflex 66 datasheets. VEGAFLEX 65 is a level sensor with pipe probe for continuous level measurement. The VEGAFLEX 82 is an economical and reliable solution for your application. TDR sensor for 66 continuous vegaflex level measurement Application area. The VEGAFLEX 82 level sensor measures maintenance- free light and heavy- weight bulk vegaflex solids.

This pulse travels down to the product surface is “ guided” by a stainless steel cable rod. VEGAFLEX 65 is a coaxial level sensor for continuous level measurement of low viscosity liquids.

Datasheets vegaflex

The VEGAFLEX 66 is a guided microwave sensor designed for measuring level in high temperature and pressure environments. The VEGAFLEX 66 is available with rod, cable, and coaxial type probes. VEGAFLEX 66 is a level sensor with coax, rod or cable probe for continuous level measurement in products with temperatures between- 20 ° C and + 250 ° C ( - 4. It is designed for industrial use in all areas of process technology and can be used in liquids.

vegaflex 66 datasheets

High frequency microwave pulses are guided along a steel rope or a rod. VEGAFLEX 66 TDR sensor for continuous level measurement Application area VEGAFLEX 66 is a level sensor in coax, rod or cable version for continuous level measurement in applications with high pressures and temperatures.