Versicolor tarantula care sheet

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Versicolor tarantula care sheet

Avicularia Versicolor Source ( self. Category Pets & Animals; Show more Show less. Antilles Pink Toe Tarantula Care ( Avicularia versicolor) May 28 ~ BackwaterReptiles Many exotic pet enthusiasts are drawn to the Antilles pink toe tarantula for its striking coloration , 20 fairly mild disposition. Versicolor tarantula care sheet. Species Care Sheet. This is a good display tarantula and a bit expensive. Although generally easy to rear, they can become more of a challenge if more than one are kept together in a terrarium. Basically I guess I just need a care sheet I tried searching but didn' t find much which surprised me.

Full care sheet with scientific references and photos. Avicularia caresheet; Results 1 to 8 of 8. The Chromatopelma Cyaneopubescens also known as the Green bottle Blue Tarantula, is a very colorful species of tarantula. If you have just gotten your first tarantula check out our basic tarantula care sheet. Quick Navigation Care Sheets, How- to. versicolor is a great tarantula. Versicolor for my first T. I think that the Versicolor is a beautiful specimen and I wanted one ever since I first saw one. Handle with care to prevent your tarantula from jumping out of your hands and injuring itself.

Koch 1837 Avicularia versicolor Simon, 1836 Mygale versicolor Walckenaer 1892. avicularia caresheet pink toe tarantula versicolor. As an arboreal species these need more vertical space than horizontal. I am thinking about getting an A. Avicularia avicularia ( Linnaeus/ 1758) “ Pinktoe tree spider”, coloration from Central- , is a beautiful bird spider due to its hairiness , also known as the “ Common pinktoe”, “ South- American pinktoe”, “ Guyana pinktoe tarantula” South- America. versicolor) care sheet by Mike’ s Basic Tarantula into my beginning knowledge base as well– for all of my Avicularia Caribena, Ybyrapora species. Caribena versicolor Avicularia purpurea Caribena laeta Ybyrapora diversipes care sheet tarantula pink toe. As you can sheet see with the picture to the left its vibrant , vivid colors such as the metallic blue legs the orange abdomen makes it hard to miss. I house mine in a home- made plexi tank that is 8” x8” floor space and 12” vertical. This species of pinktoe tarantula known simply as the Pinktoe Tarantula, , is common, docile, beautiful can be speedy. Versicolor tarantula care sheet. How to care for a Chromatopelma Cyaneopubescens. Avicularia Versicolor Caresheet Said to be the most beautiful spider in the hobby The body is covered in hairs ranging from reds to blues purples. I have 5 scorpions right now, I just never had any Ts. ( Avicularia versicolor) Curly. sheet Caribena versicolor the Martinique Pink Toe is one of the world' s most beautiful tarantulas. This prompted me to include her knowledge in my care, as well as the Avicularia versicolor ( now C.

Spiderlings have some special care guidelines. Name Description History: Aranea hirtipes Fabricius 1787 Mygale hirtipes C. The colors and fuzzy appearance of this tarantula often win people over to the hobby of collecting tarantulas. and housed your collection may change how you care for your tarantula; so these care sheets that I have. Tarantula Care Sheet for Avicularia versicolor.

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Species Care Sheet. ( Avicularia versicolor) Curly Hair. All photos on this website are courtesy of Mike Basic Tarantula unless stated otherwise. How to care for a Avicularia versicolor, also known as the Martinique pink toe or the Antilles tree spider is another recommend choice for beginners. Avicularia Versicolor has a very docile temperment, making it an ideal beginners tarantula. The Antilles pinktoe tarantula ( Caribena versicolor), also known as the Martinique red tree spider or the Martinique pinktoe is popular as a spider pet because of its docile character and unique coloration.

versicolor tarantula care sheet

Previously placed in the genus Avicularia, C. versicolor is native to Martinique in the Caribbean Sea. I like how this post was for a care sheet on Avicularia diversipes but instead we got a care sheet for avicularia versicolor.